Thought of the Day: Look After Yourself

Yes No Paul Coelho

(Paul Coelho)

Many of us try to be superheroes, for others and for ourselves. We are ambitious and determined, motivated and driven. But we have to make sure that our actions do not come at the cost of our own health, physically and mentally. It is easy to become overwhelmed, stressed and run-down, and, as a result, agitated, helpless and weakened. We’ve got to remember to pay attention to ourselves. We cannot always be perfect, nor should we have to be. Sometimes giving our best doesn’t mean we have to give everything. Sometimes taking the race more steadily at the beginning will reward us with a stronger finish. Sometimes we have to say no, so that we can say yes to something even bigger and better in the future. Take care of your body and take care of your mind. They make our most valuable asset: ourselves.


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