Four Lessons to Learn from Our Elders

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Our elders may have their quirks, but there is a lot to learn from them. This Christmas, I spent time with my grandfather, during which I was touched and inspired by his attitude and perspective towards life. I’ve put together four lessons that I’ve learnt from my grandparents, elderly neighbours and strangers:

  1. To love deeply and to express it graciously and amicably, in all ways possible for any person, whether it be a grand gesture for a spouse, a compliment to a friend, a helping hand to someone in need or a polite comment to a stranger.
  2. To work hard for oneself and our families, that the greatest satisfaction in life will come from building oneself up and improving oneself through the means available.
  3. To be grateful for everything; to say thank you often, even when it isn’t necessary and especially when it is unexpected and sincere.
  4. To want the best for everyone, to be pleased for others, to congratulate others, even if we do not agree or understand that person’s desires or situation, to wish them well and be happy for their success despite our own opinions.

What lessons have you learnt from your elders?

I’ve also written a ‘Five Lessons to Carry from Childhood to Adult Life’ if you’re interested:

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