Thought of the Day: Mixed Signals

Brain Heart Map quote

As much as we would like to be able to, people cannot read minds. We cannot even always understand people’s behaviours or deduce people’s moods. Instead, we rely on actions and words, which are not always in tune with thoughts and hearts. We can be confused in our feelings and this reflects outwardly into our relationships, sending mixed signals that easily lead to lies, deception, and misjudgement. Even if we are unclear in our feelings and relationships, we need to find a solid ground to figure it out, such as taking a certain stance or clear attitude; we cannot continue to act in situations according to what is best for us or what mood we are in, because that is unfair to the other people involved. We cannot joke at someone else’s expense, for example, if we cannot then take jokes at our expense later. We cannot treat people on way one minute and then the opposite the next. Better yet, let’s be honest about our feelings, because even if it may end in someone’s disappointment, it is better they understand sooner than later. Let go of the anxiety. It will be the best for you and the other people involved.

(Image: Pixteller)

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