Midnight Motivation: What is Motivation?


With the New Year about to roll round, all of us are looking for a little extra motivation in our pockets. But we need to make sure that our ideas about motivation see us through the whole year and not just January. Motivation is finding the strength to reach our potential and to help us do our best. Motivation is getting lost in inspiration, dreams and ambitions. Motivation shouldn’t be staying awake all night, every night, taking energy pills and caffeinated beverages. Motivation shouldn’t be forcing ourselves to live a life we despise, which leads nowhere. Motivation shouldn’t be stress-inducing, battling migraines and stomachaches, constantly feeling exhausted and agitated. Motivation shouldn’t be sacrificing all relaxation and leisure or blowing up all our relationships. Life works best in moderation. A part of being able to keep going is to stop and reflect, to relax and enjoy, to think and sometimes forget. There may be moments of stress, late nights and missed fun, but balance is the key. If we play it right, the New Year holds no limits.

(Image: Addicted2Success)

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