Song of the Week: ‘It’s Time’ by Imagine Dragons

It's Time ID

It is no wonder that Imagine Dragon’s acclaim is rooted in their leading single, ‘It’s Time’, a song packed with lyrical lessons to inspire all of us who are hanging onto anxiety or uncertainty about the future. Sometimes we find ourselves lost and confused, in an in-between state or at a fork in the road. Sometimes we are scared of losing what we leave behind or scared of what is to come. Sometimes we find ourselves on a path that isn’t the one we imagined, whether it be from pursuing a path we did not want for ourselves or pursuing the path we thought we wanted. It can be exhausting, and sometimes we haven’t even started yet.

Life is turbulent no matter where we are. Making decisions and actually following them through can be emotional. But do not let that stop you from beginning and following your heart. Try, let go, don’t hold back and don’t look back.We do not need to follow the conventional path or that which does not fulfil our ambitions. We don’t need to compromise ourselves for other people. Never give up on the life you imagine, no matter how many times it changes. We might have to journey through miles of clouded hell to reach the top, and we might get knocked down before we get there. There is always a chance to begin and begin again – it is our choice to take it. Failing once, failing twice, doesn’t reduce us to ashes. If it does, we will be reawakened. It is okay to change our minds. Turbulence is okay. Through all the trials, heartbreak, anxiety, fear, never change who you are.


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