Thought of the Day: Waiting

Hugh Laurie quote

Why is that we wait? Because we are too comfortable slaving away in our own laziness. Because we are too much in denial to admit that we’re scared. Because we think we have endless tomorrows. Because we are happy to stay dreaming where everything is perfect. Because we need more time to feel ready. But the truth is, we end up waiting forever and all we’re left with is what could have been. We don’t have endless tomorrows. We can’t always be prepared, because we can’t always predict what will happen. We won’t be the best at the beginning. And we will need to work hard. But if we are serious about our dreams, we just need to start somewhere: learning, experiencing, and taking small steps every day. We don’t need to be the best, we just need to try, and every time we do, we will become better and closer. Don’t put yourself on hold. Go head first and begin now, wherever you are. It’s a good a time and place as any.

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