Be Your Own Source


It can be disheartening when someone doesn’t praise us for the work we’ve done. It can be heartbreaking when someone doesn’t love us the way we need them to. It can be devastating when someone bites into our confidence with their hurtful words and actions. Relationships are powerful, in both magical and unsettling ways. They are beautiful, intense and invigorating. But we should not let them define us in ways that are inescapable. We do so because we are human – we are not perfect. But neither are others; people let us down, sometimes deliberately but often unintentionally too. We cannot control others, nor should we try in many circumstances. We need to start looking at ourselves as the source of everything we need and desire, and our relationships with other people as blessings that nurture and strengthen the world we build for ourselves. Let’s be the ones to praise ourselves, to love ourselves and to find confidence within ourselves. Let’s be the ones to feed our hearts, to decide what is best for us and to feel the world in a positive light. Let’s be the water, the sun and the earth, and not only the seed in the ground.


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