Thought of the Day: Controlling the Future

best way to predict the future

Life is anything but certain. A sudden gust of wind can blow us off course. An unexpected drought can leave us drained and depleted. It’s almost as if, because of this, we begin to build a wall around our life. We begin to travel the path that has been travelled many times before, in hope that it will bring stability. We begin to listen to the people who tell us what to do and where to go, in hope that they know best. We place our own dreams, aspirations and passions into a dusty box at the top of our bookshelf, because they’re too risky, too impossible and too unsustainable. But if no life is without change and no life without hardship, then why do we settle? What is to say that one life will be more stable, safe and possible than another? The best way to control our futures is to actually take it and to love it. When we love our life, we put more into it and we get more out of it. Our life lies at the soles of our feet and the tips of our fingers. The best way to predict the future is to invent it – and that can be in any way you like.


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