Thought of the Day: Insecurity

Insecurity quote

As with all negative emotions, insecurity is no stranger. But instead of keeping our enemies close by burying them away or running away from them, we need to properly confront them to be rid of them. Insecurity and self-consciousness can be particularly tricky as they are rooted in other people as much as in ourselves. We constantly compare ourselves to others, who will always be different, and our insecurity can spread from other people’s insecurity. We need to start facing our insecurities and understand them. What part of ourselves is it that we are self-conscious about? What is causing our insecurity? Is it really a lack of something particular or is it due to an image we are feeding ourselves? What can we do about this issue? If this seems impossible, perhaps, most importantly, we need to look deeper into those parts that we love about ourselves and divert our attention from our insecurities into those parts we feel confident about. Don’t sit wrapped up in insecurity just because it seems normal. Learn to love your inner and outer being, learn to be in touch with your feelings and learn to grow from them.

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2 thoughts on “Thought of the Day: Insecurity

  1. I love what you have to say about overcoming insecurities. I have a group of teenage girls working on a Choral Reading for speech contest where they are sharing their own insecurities. Can we get permission to include some of what you wrote in their program?

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