Midnight Motivation: Ands and Ors

Dream job diagram

It might be considered greedy, but life calls for us to dabble, to experiment and to dip our fingers in everything we can. We can have a balance between work and home life. We can desire jobs that bring us security and satisfaction. We can find happiness in a wealth of life’s offerings. We can dedicate our free time to more than one activity. We can define ourselves in many different, even contradictory, ways. We are an array of emotions, passions and wishes. Let’s not limit ourselves by thinking that our life consists of one purpose or one goal. Let’s not restrict ourselves with one ambition or one focus. Let’s not suffocate ourselves by building walls and ceilings. Let’s stop focusing on stop signs and shut doors. Let’s instead absorb as much of life as we can by finding possibilities and opportunities. Let’s start using ands instead of ors and with that our motivation for life will soar.

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