Thought of the Day: It’s OK to Not Be OK

Dr Seuss feelings quote

Some of us have a warped perception that we need to remain strong, or at least appear to be strong, because we are ashamed about feeling sad, hurt, anxious, alone, confused, scared, empty, defeated or forgotten. But I think it is just as brave to admit our feelings as it is to be strong. We are all affected by life differently and react differently to the same situations, but what unites us all is that we are all human. We have emotions and we shouldn’t have to hide them. When we admit our feelings, most importantly to ourselves, that is when we truly have a hold on them, when we can begin to face them, and when we can actually be proactive in coming to terms with them. Do it for you. It’s ok to have feelings that may be considered to be negative, as long as you are not giving up.



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