Time to Change

Change quote

Change is a daunting prospect, whether it is forced upon us or we willingly yearn for it. Either way it can be difficult. But even if we were to stay in the same place, everything around us would be changing. So we shouldn’t be afraid of it. In fact, we should kindle it, because change is the only cure for any emptiness inside. Sometimes it is a change in mindset and other times a change in action, but change is necessary nonetheless.

Perhaps there are times when we feel bored, disinterested and lazy, especially when every day feels the same. Maybe we find ourselves distracted, procrastinating or day-dreaming, because we long for something different. Perhaps we are easily irritated by the people and environment we were once so fond of, and now we feel trapped and itching for something else. Maybe we keeping promising, but instead we spend most nights feeling guilty, unsatisfied and unhappy with ourselves.

These emotions, along with many others, are telling us that change is imperative to our happiness, success and progress. In the end, we are the only ones who will let ourselves down if we don’t try to move, in whatever capacity we can. So let’s explore, discover, and experiment.

(Image: Addicted2Success.com)


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