Three Choices We Have Each Morning

Morning Choice quote

Every day holds the potential to be better than the last, but it all comes down to us. Here are three choices we make each morning that are central to making every day the best it can be:

  1. Every morning, we have two choices: to continue to sleep with our dreams or wake up and chase them (unknown) – it can be easy to leave our dreams and goals to sit in the dust untouched when we are so consumed by our daily life. But no matter how busy we are, we can set aside an hour or two to do something that really satisfies our passions.
  2. Every morning when we wake up, we are confronted with a choice: another day just like the last or a clean slate to start all over (Mark Sanborn) – sometimes we get stuck in ruts and trapped in spirals. But we can paint every day in any way we want, whether it is to do something we are afraid of or something we haven’t had time for, or whether it is to view something with a different perspective or to start something new. Seize the day!
  3. Every morning, we can choose whether we greet the day with positivity or negativity – our lives will never be perfect or seamless, but our lives can be amazing overall, and that can simply come from our mindset each day; we can wake up with dread, discontent and dullness, or we can wake up with gratitude, enthusiasm and confidence. It may seem pointless or ridiculous, but it will make all the difference to how we reflect on our days as they pass by and in hindsight.

(Image: Pinterest)


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