Thought of the Day: Luck


When we put hard work, enough time, and our best effort into a project, goal or relationship, the bigger and better our results. We all have our great days and worse days, but nobody just sails through life. To me, there are two strands to luck. There’s the ‘fate’ or ‘luck’ outside of our control that influences our life everyday, and this does to some extent affect our happiness and sense of accomplishment. Yet we can still control how we react to these unlucky situations. But we do create our own luck too, and that is achieved by investing in ourselves, in our skills, in our dreams and in what makes us happy. And through this, we open ourselves up to opportunities and success. We all have potential, we just need to believe in it, reach it and use it. Create your own luck. The harder you work, the luckier you get.


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