Four Things We Should Not Worry About

Everything is going to be ok

Big things, little things, we worry about them all. But here’s at least four things we shouldn’t worry about and why:

  1. Being different – there are always those times in our lives when we want to change ourselves in order to fit in. But you will come to see that our differences make us invaluable, unparalleled and strong. If we were all the same, there would be no variety in any aspects of our lives and progress would be pretty slim.
  2. Life’s path – when we’re so wrapped up in comparing our lives with other people’s, it’s easy to get anxious about the different stages we need to be at by a specific time in our lives; a common example is when to find a partner or when to get married. We start to worry when life isn’t happening in the ‘right way’. But everything happens in its own time. Everything will work out, regardless of where we end up. Our life will be beautiful because it will be like no other.
  3. Pleasing everyone – it’s an impossible feat to be able please everyone, because everyone has different opinions and different ideas. And those are a great way to figure out the world. But ultimately, we need to pursue our own desires, dreams and goals, no matter what anybody says or wants, because after all, we’ll be the ones living it.
  4. The wrong – we all make mistakes and we all have moments we wish we could re-live and do differently. But what is done is done, and contrary to our fears, failure is perhaps the best building block to real, satisfying success. So let’s use it.

Try not to focus too heavily on the bad, because worry retracts your attention away from all the amazing parts of your life! Try to let go of the it and make the most of your life!



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