Three Things My Mother Has Taught Me

Mothers Day quote

In honour of Mother’s Day here in the UK, I wanted to share three things my mother has taught me, which I hope we can all embody throughout all of life’s offerings:

  1. Consider others – there are always times when we should put ourselves first, but there are also times when another person’s situation is much more important than our own. We should be considerate of other people, be generous with our time, and not only put ourselves in other people’s shoes, but also sacrifice our own needs to help someone in a more difficult or pressing time.
  2. Perseverance – we’re often afraid, afraid of what other people think or the future or of making mistakes or letting go or pursuing unknown paths. We often give up too easily, because we lack confidence and belief in our abilities. But we should always be passionate, we should experiment and learn, and we should always live in accordance to our own goals, no matter how much hard work and time we need to get there.
  3. Most things are rectifiable – true, there are some things that are uncontrollable and there are some really tough situations. But there are always a number of paths we can take to get to the same place. There are so many moments that feel like a catastrophe at the time, which we look back on later in life and are grateful for. Make the most of everything available to you, which might be more than we think. Life will always work out in the end.

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4 thoughts on “Three Things My Mother Has Taught Me

  1. My mother passed away a long time ago. In 1975. I think it’s okay to call that a long time ago.

    She had many sayings. One of them I never understood till I was a lot older. “Je kunt er maar beter mee verlegen zijn dan erom verlegen.” which translates into something like “It’s better to be embarrassed by having your umbrella with you when the sun’s out than to get soaked.” Highly practical advice that I still heed. (Now that I understand it.)

    She also taught me how to make the best filled eggs in the world and how to make the best potato-based beef and mackerel salads in the world. True! Her mother was a cook for wealthy families, so that explains it.

    She hoped that I would become a stewardess and see the world. I applied twice, got invited to an interview twice, was rejected twice, so I gave up on the stewardess part (but I did work in tourism for a few years, and had a uniform, too; does that count?). Although there are still many places and countries I haven’t been to, I have seen quite a bit of the world, so I guess that my mother would be proud of me.

    The most important thing she taught me was that she loved me and believed in me, more than she believed in herself.

    *waves at Charlotte*

    *whinnies at paardje*

    1. This was lovely, thank you for sharing! Mothers are filled with all kinds of wisdom and advice; I especially love the umbrella quote 🙂 It’s wonderful that you have these vivid memories and messages from her. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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