Thought of the Day: Regret

Regret quote

Would you change anything about your past if you had the chance to? If you answered yes, why?

Sometimes we’re not ready and we’re not prepared for everything that happens to us. Sometimes we embarrass ourselves, trip ourselves up, make the wrong choice. Sometimes we’re dealt with cards we have no control over. We’re only human. And we shouldn’t beat ourselves up about that, because all those mistakes, all those regrettable moments, are part of who we are. Every move has been an experience, and we’ve ultimately learnt from each one; we cannot change the past, but we can honour our mistakes by carrying that newfound knowledge and doing things differently next time. Regret serves no purpose. But acceptance, growth and strength, alternatives to regret, bring a whole new perspective to those moments that we might otherwise want to change. We don’t have to be proud of what we did, but we can be proud of what we did afterwards, even if that was simply to move on.



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