Three Ways to Stop Self-Sabotaging

you against yourself

To any trouble, there is always a source and a solution. Sometimes both lie within ourselves. Here are three ways for us to stop self-sabotaging:

1. Stop creating problems where there are none

Often, when we are tired, in a bad mood, or stuck in a negative mindset, we tend to overcomplicate our relationships and the work we need to do, and we tend to overanalyse the behaviour of people around us and ourselves. These then end up snowballing into bigger problems that are harder to shake and infect other aspects of our lives. Let’s try to be aware of our energy and the unnecessary or negative thoughts and actions we might be emitting. We might be surprised how quickly things begin looking up.

2. Believe in yourself

It’s may sound like a broken record, but there’s a reason it’s played on repeat. We shouldn’t hide away from our potential or downplay our capabilities. We shouldn’t run away from opportunities out of fear or stay firmly placed in our comfort zone. We will never move forward, never be challenged and never reach our dreams without confidence in ourselves. Let’s believe we can do whatever we set our mind to. You have the ability, now it’s time to unlock it.

3. Be grateful for what you have

Whatever stage we are in our life, there’s always this feeling that we need more, that we need to be better, that we need to be more successful. Everyone else appears to be moving around us and we need to keep up. But we cannot base our emotions and wellbeing on something we cannot guarantee for ourselves. Sometimes we’ve got to instead just look at ourselves and appreciate where we are and what we have and also what we’re given.

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