Four Things to Give Up for Happiness and Success

Let go balloon

What would you give to lead a happy and successful life? Maybe we should really be asking ourselves what we should give up. I know what you’re thinking, giving up is the last thing we should be doing, but here are a few suggestions of things we need to purge from our lives in order to keep ourselves motivated and on track:

  1. Give up the demoralising self-talk – Doubt, insecurity and anxiety are all natural emotions, but we cannot let them pull us down. We will never be free from obstacles, but we can be rid of the ones we create for ourselves. Open up your mind and believe in yourself.
  2. Give up the excuses – The first step to achieving anything is starting and with that comes trying. There will never be a perfect time and we will never feel fully prepared. We can only start where ever we are and with the means we have available. Stop making excuses for yourself and grow.
  3. Give up the past – No matter how many mistakes we’ve made or how many heartaches we’ve gone through, our future doesn’t need to follow the same path. We cannot change the past, but we can learn from it. Stop looking behind you and start moving forward.
  4. Give up the people pleasing – We need to let go of other people’s expectations and wishes. We need to take away the unnecessary pressures and limitations that come with those. The only person who will live with our life choices will be ourselves, so the only expectations and wishes that matter are ours. Please yourself.



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