What are the Odds?

I was born this way

All our dreams and aspirations sometimes seem so far out of reach. The odds of a new product being successful are 1:10. The odds of writing a New York bestseller are 1:220. The odds of winning an Oscar are 1:11,500. The odds of becoming President of the United States are 1:10,000,000.

But did you know that our chance of being born, exactly in our circumstances, at that particular place and time, is 1:400,000,000,000? Being born is the most unlikely of all. Could there be any bigger incentive, any greater inspiration, any larger motivation, to make the most out of every piece of our lives? Make the most of what you have around you and inside you. Experience everything possible. Be grateful for what you have been given. Live because life is a miracle. You are a miracle. You were born that way.

(Image: polyvore.com)

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