Thought of the Day: Perfection

you were made to be real not to be perfect

The idea of perfection haunts many of us. It might be that we expect perfection of ourselves. It might be that we imagine perfection in others. But we are all just trying to do our best, and that is all we can ask of ourselves and others.

We all have moments of confidence, success and joy. Equally, we all break down, we all slip up, we all sink in insecurity and anxiety. We all put too much pressure on ourselves and we all hide our problems away from others. In fact, we probably put more pressure on ourselves to be perfect because we assume other people are. We all have parts of ourselves we wish we could swap with someone and there is someone out there who envies those parts we hate.

Let’s commit to accepting, embracing, and looking beyond our imperfections. Let’s remind ourselves that nobody’s life, body, mind are perfect. Let’s do our best, because that is enough.

(Image: Google+)


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