Happy Hour: The Fish in the Sea


We always hear that there are plenty of fish in the sea. And we all know that there will always be people who lift us up and weigh us down. Yet, we still sometimes find ourselves surrounded by those who push us around, step on us, and pick us up whenever it suits them. There are the manipulative, the controlling, the pessimistic. And it infests our lives.

I’m not saying we cut out every person that makes us feel anything other than happy – some people are worth it. But sometimes we need to take courage and dive into that sea. We should find some positive people, ambitious people, passionate people, ones who see opportunity and possibility and not limitations and barricades. We can’t always be the one to be all those things; sometimes we need encouragement from outside ourselves. We need people who push us to be better, who make us laugh, and who are non-judgemental. So let’s take a swim.

(Image: lovethispic.com)

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