Comparing Ourselves to Others

You are on your own journey

Whichever angle we compare our life to another’s, we are always out of favour. If we see somebody successful, we convince ourselves of all the excuses as to why we could never compete; we are not as smart, motivated, creative, and so on. If we see somebody fail, we use it as proof as to why we could never do better; if someone else cannot do it, we have no chance.

Comparing ourselves to others will get us nowhere. It holds us back and pushes us into the shadows. Our lives aren’t comparable. We all have different circumstances, priorities, ethics, ideas, all of which shape the choices we make and the path we take. We might take different paths to get to the same place or we might start in the same place and end up somewhere completely different. We are all on our own journey, and that is a blessing. Focus on what you are doing and want to do. Don’t just stay in one place, because that isn’t living. Get on the map.

(Image: Created myself using Picmonkey; Picture:

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