Thought of the Day: Awkwardness

Awkward quote

Situations are often awkward because of us: we spit out stupid remarks, we become lost for words, we act impulsively, we’re clueless to something obvious, or we try to be someone we’re not. Awkwardness often derives from our tendency to overcompensate for a situation we find uncomfortable or unfamiliar or from our inclination to be overly self-conscious about our own actions. And sometimes being awkward is who we are, and that is ok too. Just be yourself. Embrace the awkwardness. Laugh at yourself. We’re not perfect. And if someone expects us to be, then they’re not worth our time. The people who are worth our time are those who make us worth their time too – and that means they won’t get hung up on one awkward impression. Chances are that our awkwardness isn’t even as pronounced as we think it is. And to be honest, we’re all awkward, so let’s just own it.


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