Thought of the Day: Differences

Chanel Difference quote

Sometimes we embrace our differences and other times we negate them, both to our advantage and disadvantage in various ways. But we cannot deny their existence. So why do we invalidate and why do we allow others to invalidate our own differences? We all have different capabilities and talents that we should express and share. Just because something didn’t work for someone else, doesn’t mean it cannot work for us. Just because somebody thinks that we are not good enough, doesn’t mean that we’re not. To be a leader, a hero, an innovator, a developer, a thinker, or whatever we want to be, we have to be different. We’re all rare, anomalous, and unparalleled. So don’t hide away what defines you. Believe in your differences. Our differences make us irreplaceable, and it would be a shame to extinguish that flame.


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