Three Things We Should Not Do To Make People Like Us


There are so many different ways we try to impress people. But what shouldn’t we be doing? Here are three traps we find ourselves in when trying to get people to like us:

  1. Changing ourselves – It’s so easy for us to get ourselves into uncomfortable and unnatural situations when we want people to like us. We start acting similarly to the other person to tailor to their likes and dislikes in hopes that it will draw them to us. Sure, it’s good to get out of our comfort zone once in a while and put an effort into forming a connection with someone, but we should never pretend to be something we’re not. Find people who will respect and love you for who you are.
  2. Apologising – Alternatively, we might instead find ourselves apologising for any seemingly unfavourable, irritating or off-putting behaviours, habits, consequences or even for our lack of experience or knowledge. But we shouldn’t be putting ourselves down, making ourselves inferior or apologising for circumstances beyond our control just because we want to impress someone. Find people who will make you feel full and confident in who you are.
  3. Belittling others – In today’s society, it is common to hear people condemning others and tearing into their choices. But we shouldn’t be pressurised into criticising others just because other people are and because we want to fit in. That cycle will never end up well for anyone, including us. Find people who will spread love and positivity, because that will shape who you are.



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