Three things our life shouldn’t be

Our life is a canvas. We can either paint on it, leave it blank, or we can let others splash all over it. It’s not always simple, but as a nudge in the right direction, here’s three things I think our life shouldn’t be:
1. A product of someone else’s expectations. There’s so much noise out here in the world, trying to tell us who to be, that it’s hard to tune it out. But our life shouldn’t be drawn with limitations and restrictions or in black and white. We are free to be ourselves and to map out our own path. And if it gets messy, don’t worry. Scribbling outside the edges is what makes life worth it.

2. A product of fear. Sometimes we do not realise what a slave we are to our emotions. We don’t realise that every day we hide away is a day we miss out. But it’s no safer shut away from the world, because we end up shutting out the magic too. The world has so much to offer, much more than our fear suggests. Don’t let your head tell you otherwise.

3. A product of dwelling on the past. Put simply, focusing endlessly on the mistakes we’ve made and the pain we’ve endured will rob us of all the success and pleasure that the present moment holds. We end up stuck in a circle, always spinning and never stopping. We cannot escape the past, but that doesn’t mean we cannot move forward. The past should be a shadow of our strength. So stop reliving it.

What do you think life should be? Or shouldn’t be? I’d love to know!


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