Three ways we waste our time

time steve jobs quote

Our time is so precious. Although we make mistakes, there are ways we waste our time that we could be more conscious of:

  1. We do not persist – Nothing worth having will come easily, because there’s a lot trying to trip us up: procrastination, fears, anxieties. But we all have purpose. We all have dreams. And we should pursue them, no matter what. Don’t waste the opportunity to live the life you want to.
  2. We try to mould ourselves – Instead of embracing all parts of ourselves, we try to hide parts away, place ourselves into categories, and fit into what others want or like. But if that means we have to deny who we are, can we really ever be happy? Don’t waste time trying to be someone you’re not or living someone else’s life.
  3. We are afraid of change – There isn’t anything more certain than change. And change can be scary. But change means adapting, evolving, growing. It’s what keeps life interesting and what keeps us moving forward. Nobody wants to be stuck in the same place forever. Don’t be afraid of change. Invite it into your life.

What else do you think we waste our time on?


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