Spotlight Sunday: Mimi Ikonn

Mimi Ikonn

To label her would be a limitation on my part, and Mimi herself acknowledges this in her twitter bio; it’s not that she pretends to be above anyone else, but she is filled with so much ambition and passion for the world, that she looks beyond closed doors, walls and boxes. And that is what makes her so inspirational to me. Although I only know her through her online presence, she defines the term entrepreneurial spirit by combining aspiration with enthusiasm; she teaches us to live the life we imagine no matter how unconventional it may seem. She pours love, energy and positivity into all her content, that inspire us to take control of our lives, to be grateful for all we have and to favour simplicity. She encourages us to live with purpose, live to life’s fullest potential, and to follow the path that calls us. Check out the links below!

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Spotlight Sunday: Erik Conover

Erik Conover video blog

Fellow blogger, Erik Conover, with his beautiful girlfriend Jessica Clements and the vibrant New York City, has stepped into an adventure as a daily vlogger. Even as a beginner, Erik has his own style with the camera, experimenting with angles and perspectives; it is clear that he pours his artistic flair into each video, illustrating his passion and dedication to creating good quality content. He values every viewer, by responding to all the comments made on his videos, by appreciating all praise and constructive criticism, and by celebrating all his success on his channel so far. Most of all, Erik and Jess’s energy and enthusiasm for their life is admirable and contagious, even through tighter and difficult times, whether it be taking concrete strides to achieving their goals or spending time together by making the most of what New York has to offer. After watching one of his videos, we all want to follow suit. So go check out his channel, and Jess’s new channel, and show them some support, because they deserve it!

Erik Conover:

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Spotlight Sunday: Lilly Singh aka iiSuperwomanii

Lilly Singh

Lilly Singh’s vlogs, SuperwomanVlogs, are a relatively new discovery for me, but after stumbling upon them and watching a couple of her videos, I’m hooked. This week, I thought that I would change things up a bit and highlight some of the life lessons I’ve discovered through watching her videos about life and happiness. She might sometimes be a procrastinator – aren’t we all? – but she is hilarious and truly inspirational. I wish her all the success; she really deserves it!

  • Every day is a new day – sometimes we have bad days, but there is always something to be positive about, smile about or laugh about. Try to understand what made those bad days bad, and make the next day better.
  • Supporting other people is one of the most important ways of life. Supporting others creates community and a support system for you too, as well as positive energy and vibes rather than competition and tension. Brush off the negative people, because their opinion really isn’t worth anything.
  • Even when you are super tired, de-motivated or not in the right frame of mind, we can get through the day if we just plough on, because chances are, once we begin our day, we find ways to embrace the day.
  • Do something you are passionate about and work hard. Lilly doesn’t like to label her YouTube career as work, because she enjoys it so much, despite its intensity. She reminds us that working hard can sometimes be a chore, but it will pay off and you’ll thank yourself and everyone who believed in you later.
  • Be yourself, no matter what others say. Do your own thing. When we are ourselves, we are our best selves and our happiest selves.

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Spotlight Sunday: LadieDottie

Ladie Dottie

The kinds of YouTube vloggers I’m often attracted to are the crazy, entertaining type, but today, I want to introduce you to LadieDottie, or Datev Gallaher. Now, I’m by no means saying that her vlogs are not entertaining, because I always come back to watch them, but they are not entertaining in the way that other YouTubers make, which is a good thing. Why I love her vlogs are their stillness and calmness, and perhaps their more real life representation that comes with that serenity, instead of others who try to make their videos extremely funny to attract more views. And that doesn’t mean that her vlogs are boring, because she still embarks on many adventures and has such a positive, bubbly personality. Datev seems to much more in tune with nature, and she’s not afraid to let the camera do the talking. There are clips where she invites us to look at a landscape or a particular object at lets it speak for itself before she offers her opinion, which I love! She seems super down-to-earth, non-confrontational and considerate. She reminds us that we don’t have to be loud in order to be seen or heard. So go check out LadieDottie, she’s a lover of life!


Instagram (for some cool nature shots):

Spotlight Sunday: EssieButtonVlogs

Essie and Aslan

It’s time to talk about another one of my favourite YouTube channels! Whenever I’m scrolling through my newsfeed and I come across an EssieButtonVlogs video, there’s no way that I can save the best for last because I can’t help but click on it. Although Essie and Aslan are more weekly than daily vloggers, I think this plays to their advantage; instead of having that strain and stress of vlogging everyday, Essie and Aslan, a couple living in London, put effort into their vlogs to make them engaging and appealing to their viewers, rather than stringing random clips together. I can tell through their vlogs that they really love to vlog, instead of doing it out of necessity, which makes the experience of watching them so much more enjoyable. They are not afraid to be silly, quirky and real, and they don’t cut out those awkward or funny moments. Not only that, the glimpses of culture, architecture, art, food, and greyhounds that infiltrate their videos really illuminate their enthusiasm for life and its small pleasures; there’s nothing better than watching passionate people, because they inspire their viewers to be passionate about life too! So check them out!


Essie Button (Beauty channel):