It’s ok to admit you’re not ok

It’s common for us to pretend we live in a perfect, happy life and we have the strength to fight all its battles alone. Sometimes we are happy. Sometimes we are strong. But it’s also OK to admit that we aren’t always happy and we aren’t always strong. Don’t harbour your sadness or anxiety inside. Don’t ignore it. To be free of it, we have to find our own way to release it. And that only begins by acknowledging it and by expressing it in one way or another. Be honest with yourself. Share your feelings with someone who you feel comfortable with and who you can trust. Express those emotions. It can only make you happier and stronger in the end.

Strengths are realised through weakness

strength doesn't come

Only when our weaknesses are exposed do we stumble upon our strength. We shouldn’t be afraid to acknowledge our weaknesses. We all have gaps in our knowledge. But asking questions can only bring us closer to the answer. We all have something we lack in our capabilities. But testing, failing and learning can only bring us closer to our desired results. We all have insecurities. But accepting them as a part of who we are can only enhance our natural beauty. Strength is realised when we admit our weaknesses. Weakness and strength walk hand in hand. There’s no need to tear them apart.


Admit it to yourself

Denying feelings

One of the greatest services we can offer ourselves is admitting our feelings, if only to ourselves. To admit when we’re wrong. To admit what we love. To admit when we’re unhappy. To admit the harsh facts. To admit when we feel uncomfortable. To admit when something feels right. To admit when we feel scared. To admit who we’d rather be. Denial might be a quick relief to the stress of something we don’t want to admit, but all we’re doing is burying our feelings. It can’t last. We won’t ever feel ready. It might be too late. And the last person we should be kidding is ourselves. We’re meant to feel. It’s the only way we can do what’s best for us, and that’s the only way we’ll survive. So just take a deep breath and lift up the barriers.