Thought of the day: Adversity

There comes a time when we’ll get caught in a downpour. Our first instinct is to take cover from it. But that isn’t always an option. Sometimes we have to weather it. And whatever we do, we’re bound to get soaked. But that’s ok, as long as we try to do our best. Don’t give into the raindrops of adversity. You’re better than that. You’re smart and courageous and innovative. And even if all else fails, you can still dance in the rain and laugh a little. Keep holding on, because the sun will come out once again and it will shine brighter than before.

(Image: Etsy)

Power of Positivity #3: Believe in the Future

Everything will make sense

We all have moments when we feel like we are losing everything we stand on: we miss an opportunity, we break a relationship, we don’t get into the school of our dreams, we are made redundant from work, and so on. Sometimes they are tragic and life-altering and other times they are fixable. Sometimes we feel like it is all our fault and other times like everything is uncontrollable. Sometimes we expect the worst out of our futures after that moment or we feel lost and scared about what might happen, because everything we’ve known has caved in. But whether we believe in fate or not, the only thing we can hold onto is hope. Hope that the future is brighter and warmer and more familiar, that everything will turn out ok. And we’ll soon see that it isn’t just hope. It is a way of life. When bad things happen to us, it doesn’t mean that bad things will happen forever more and it doesn’t mean that bad things won’t happen again. When we look back on those bad moments, we realise why it was necessary to go through them. We became stronger and wiser. It led us to an unexpected but beautiful path. It led us to someone who appreciates us or led us to something that let us fly higher. We shall honour that moment. So don’t fear those bad moments and don’t hide away after those bad moments. Something better is up on the horizon, we’ve just got to be strong enough to reach it.