Life’s answers

Life is a puzzle, a pile of pieces we try to match together to make sense of the bigger picture. We look for answers out in the world, from people, from books, from lessons, from the stars. But all the answers we really need are coursing through our body, our heart and our mind. Sure, they can sometimes land us in trouble or leave us with more questions. But at least they’re our answers – ultimately, no one else’s answers will make us happy or successful. We have to figure out life for ourselves. And the secret is, there’s no right way or best way to live life. You’ve just got to live it for yourself.

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What everyone else is doing

If we want to achieve and succeed, we should stop looking around for someone else to give us the instructions, the expectations and the answers. Sure, there are useful tips and tricks that we can learn from others; we can ask questions, seek advice, observe them. But we shouldn’t be trying to be a replica of them, because all we’ll end up becoming is a shadow. We have our own gifts to offer and talents to share. We can create our own rules, build our own set of expectations, and find our own answers to our own problems. We don’t need to follow in someone else’s path. We don’t need to compare our journey to anyone else’s. We don’t need to do what everyone else is doing.


Why not?

George Bernard Shaw quote

It’s easy to complain. Problems and flaws are embedded in all of us and across all corners of the world. But with every problem, we subconsciously call for a solution. Where the real problem lies is in our inability to put the two together. There is no winning if we identify a problem but dismiss the possibility of a solution. That’s how it’s always beenI’m not good enough. We need to start asking questions and trying to find answers. If there’s a change we wish to see, we are the only ones who can bring it to life from the drawing board. Face the world with positivity and open-mindedness. It all begins with asking, ‘Why not?’