Blessed with life

We have been blessed in life and with life. It may not always feel like it. We get lost in the woods. We hit bumps in the road. We fall hard from a high. But look around you, look inside you. We all have the gift of living. We are all able to find our way back, to understand the ways of the road, to pick ourselves up again. Life isn’t all bad if we live it and learn from it and enjoy it in its entirety. There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. 

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Dreaming of a life like yours

There’s someone out in the world who dreams of a life like yours, a job like yours, a relationship like yours, a place to live like yours. There’s someone out in the world who dreams of less than what you have, to be happy and comfortable. Look around. Do you appreciate the things you have, the connections you have and the opportunities you have? Do you make the most of them? Or do you take them for granted or let them slip by? Do you always focus on the next big thing or what you don’t have? There’s so much we need to be more grateful for. Because someone out there is fighting for those things.


How others treat you

You deserve to be treated with kindness and compassion. You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. You deserve to be told the truth. You deserve to be cared for and attended to, but you also deserve your freedom and independence. You deserve to be appreciated and loved. You deserve to be who you are. Don’t let others treat you differently. Everyone deserves a second chance, but those who manipulate you, abuse you, ignore you, judge you or try to change you are not worth your time, your care, your love or your tears. Don’t waste it on them, but give your gift of kindness to someone who reciprocates.


Where you are

We won’t always be in a place we want to stay; we may be itching to get out of there as soon as we can. But there’s beauty, possibility and experience in every corner wherever you are, as much as anywhere else, if you look for it. Look, listen and feel. Explore, discover and uncover the treasures. Be all there. Appreciate where you are. Only then should you be content to move on. 


Thought of the Day: Riches


The richest person is not the one who has the most. But the one who needs the least. The one who can turn less into more. The one who realises that even when we have more, we’ll still want more. We can become so fixated on our addictions to having more that we never truly appreciate what we have. But riches don’t always translate to materiality. We can be rich in love, in knowledge, in strength. And that only comes through living, not accumulating. We don’t need that much. In the end, it will only weigh us down.

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Thought of the Day: Appreciation

Albert Einstein Miracles Quote

Nothing is ever guaranteed, confirmed or promised to be ours for life. Everything is temporary, whether we cling to it tightly or leave it to hang on our sleeve. So we should never take anything for granted, no matter how permanent, stable or insignificant it seems. It might be violently ripped from us or slowly slip away unnoticed. We will be sorry when those things are gone. Be grateful, be considerate, and be appreciative. Treat everything as though it were a miracle, because everything really is. Only then can we quite grasp the reality of happiness.

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Happy Hour: The Glass


When we talk about our glasses being half full or half empty, we immediately think about optimism and pessimism. But does that mean that what we have and what we don’t have defines our perspective of the world? Maybe we shouldn’t only be looking at the contents of our glass. Maybe we should look at the whole picture:

We each have a glass. We each have something in that glass. We still have space to add and we still have something to lose; we have something to strive for and we have something to cherish. Let’s appreciate the beauty and value of what we hold in the palm of our hands. Let’s be grateful that we still have purpose and ambition on the soles of our feet. When we can understand this, that’s when our perspective of the world is truly cemented. That is when optimism springs and continues to grow.