Thought of the Day: Self-awareness

There’s so much noise in our heads about who we should be, most of it being others’ expectations and norms. But we can’t live life by someone else’s rules and we shouldn’t have to fit in someone else’s box. It can be hard to sift through all the noise, but somewhere buried deep you’ll find your own voice, your own thoughts and your own feelings. Take a moment and ask yourself: When are you at your best? When are you the happiest? When do you feel most comfortable? Who are you when no one is watching? Who are you when you don’t give a damn? What do you love about yourself? What would you like to be better at? There are no right way to be. But there is a right way to be you, and that’s just to be yourself, whoever that is. Be aware of it and let it vibrate through you. There’s no other way to be.

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Thought of the Day: Self-Awareness

Ralph Ellison quote

We are our strongest when we are self-aware. When we are self-aware, we stop pretending to be who we are not. When we are self-aware, we can see our flaws, accept them and grow from them. When we are self-aware, we can optimally adapt to every situation, defeat our fears and triumph with humility. I’m not suggesting we become obsessed with monitoring or overanalysing ourselves, but we can learn a little more about who we are everyday and evolve into the person we want to become everyday. Don’t be afraid to know that person. Don’t be afraid to be that person. When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.

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