Setting boundaries

Sometimes we find it hard to set boundaries. We fall into bad patterns, succumb to bad habits, and end up blurring the lines. Sometimes we let our work lives encroach on our home lives. Sometimes we let our lack of confidence erase our record of successes. Sometimes we let people walk over us when we should be kicking them out our lives. But remember to keep maintaining those boundaries. They are what will keep us on the right track to happiness, what we want and what we deserve.

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Breathe in, breathe out

If it ever feels like too much, take a breath. Take a moment for yourself. Nothing is worth burning out, or working yourself into the ground, or living in a constant state of anxiety. Being overworked isn’t an accomplishment. Taking care of ourselves is too underrated. But it’s also imperative. Find the right balance. We don’t need to be superhuman to have superpowers.

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Thought of the Day: Relax

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Nowadays, we’re in an entirely different game. Instead of looking to have more and have the best, we are under pressure to actually be better, work harder, strive further, and improve faster. And although this is a positive shift, it can be just as exhausting. We need to realise that it is ok to relax, slow down, laze around, and be still. It is ok to take time to re-cooperate, re-energise, and revitalise. It is ok to breakdown, to mess up, and to feel off-beat. We are not machines. We cannot keep going forever. And that’s ok. All we need balance, because no extreme is sustainable. Only balance will give us the optimal results. Balance is the way we win the game. So relax.


Midnight Motivation: What is Motivation?


With the New Year about to roll round, all of us are looking for a little extra motivation in our pockets. But we need to make sure that our ideas about motivation see us through the whole year and not just January. Motivation is finding the strength to reach our potential and to help us do our best. Motivation is getting lost in inspiration, dreams and ambitions. Motivation shouldn’t be staying awake all night, every night, taking energy pills and caffeinated beverages. Motivation shouldn’t be forcing ourselves to live a life we despise, which leads nowhere. Motivation shouldn’t be stress-inducing, battling migraines and stomachaches, constantly feeling exhausted and agitated. Motivation shouldn’t be sacrificing all relaxation and leisure or blowing up all our relationships. Life works best in moderation. A part of being able to keep going is to stop and reflect, to relax and enjoy, to think and sometimes forget. There may be moments of stress, late nights and missed fun, but balance is the key. If we play it right, the New Year holds no limits.

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Thought of the Day: Balance

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It’s all about having a balance. A balance between the present and the future. A balance between dreams and reality. A balance between gratitude and hunger. A balance between enjoying and working hard. It might be hard to always strike a balance, but it is a simple life mantra. We don’t always get it right, but we should try again and again nonetheless. Because happiness is the most important in life. It’s not a destination, it’s a lifestyle, and it is our responsibility to create it. And we can do it.


Thought of the Day: Slowing down

Slowing down quote

I think we sometimes fear being bored. We fear missing out on opportunities. We fear falling behind everyone else. So we keep ourselves busy through any means possible, whether at work or on holiday. We keep going as fast as we can. But one day, we will miss out on what was right in front of us, because we are constantly chasing the future. One day, we will lose what was most important, because we didn’t see its value soon enough. One day, we will come crashing to a halt, because we can’t keep up with ourselves anymore. One day, we might even wonder how we even got to such a place, because we weren’t even looking where we were going. We don’t ever let ourselves relax, rest and re-cooperate. Our minds are constantly being fed information by technology or other people. But it is ok to switch off, to have an off-day, to not have everything figured out. It’s ok to have precautions and take your time before making decisions. We can slow down. Slowing down can open our eyes. Being bored can feed our creativity. Taking a break can make us stronger for the day when we can’t take a break. Breathing allows us to refocus and recenter in the present moment and then figure out the future. If we take a moment to stop, we might be surprised what we see.

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