Wake up

Wake up with anticipation and believe something great will happen. Wake up with love and believe in yourself. Wake up with determination and give the day your best. Wake up with gratitude and be thankful for the beauty your life holds. Wake up with great intentions and share your light with others. Every day is a gift. Let’s make it count from the very beginning.

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It’s just the beginning

You’re never too old to start something new. You’re never too old to start something again. It’s just the beginning, wherever you are. Life should be a pile of tickets, not a set of barriers. We can do anything, be anything, go anywhere. Our journey doesn’t have to be a straight line – and most likely it won’t be. Just go for it. Live as hard as you can.

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Thought of the Day: No regrets

No regrets quote

Regret can be bitter, distressing, and fierce. It gnaws at our pleasure, our time, and our sense of self. But we are always making decisions and taking paths. To regret one of those choices is to assume that life would be better if we had made a different one. But really, that’s just holding onto a possibility to avoid facing reality. Our reality isn’t something we should regret, no matter what circumstances we’re in. We wouldn’t be who we are without all the moments that have led up to now. And these are the moments that turn tragedies into joy and fortune. Our reality now doesn’t need to be our reality tomorrow. We are always capable of learning and changing. If we care enough to regret, then we should care enough to act. Life isn’t over because we’ve made a mistake. It’s just another beginning.

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Our best chance at life


The idea of beginning again or trying again is daunting, overwhelming and disheartening. We’re creatures who find comfort in sticking to the way things are. It’s what we know. But the truth is that not everything we know works to give us our best chance at life. And when things aren’t working, we have to find a way to change them in order to give ourselves that best chance. Sometimes our relationships with other people are restricting or our relationship with ourselves is unhealthy. Sometimes our environment weighs us down or our day to day life doesn’t inspire us. Sometimes what we desperately hope will work won’t. And this is when we should tell ourselves that it’s ok to turn over a new leaf, whether it’s to plunge into the unknown or take a little dip. Because we all deserve our best chance at life. And we’re the ones who bestow that gift to ourselves. Don’t hide it away.

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One Step

Lao Tzu quote

Every journey begins with one step. Winning gold at the Olympics, climbing up Mount Everest, and walking on the moon – they all began with one step. Whoever we see ahead of us travelling a similar path, whoever we see ahead as victors of what we want to achieve, they too started with one step. It’s not impossible for us. We might not all be carrying the same load. But all those who are prosperous and victorious have waded through their own battles. We all have the ability to begin and to do our best. We can all reach new triumphs, new heights and new lands, if we take the first step. Anywhere worth being is worth working for. What are you waiting for?

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Beginning Again

Henry Ford Begin Again quote

Every new year, we set resolutions, we think about our dreams and goals and try to put them into a possible future, but we don’t always live up to those expectations. But there is a first of every month, there is a Monday to every week, there is a clean slate tomorrow, and there is most certainly this very minute. We can begin again. We can keep going. We just have to make up our minds to. Let’s not put off our dreams, goals and tasks because we cannot be bothered at that moment. Let’s not give up now because we failed yesterday. Let’s not sit idly because we don’t feel capable or enough. Our being, future, fate, are made up by our attitudes and choices every day. It might not be easy, but let’s choose to begin again.

Failure is only the opportunity to begin again. Only this time more wisely – Henry Ford

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