Dreaming of a life like yours

There’s someone out in the world who dreams of a life like yours, a job like yours, a relationship like yours, a place to live like yours. There’s someone out in the world who dreams of less than what you have, to be happy and comfortable. Look around. Do you appreciate the things you have, the connections you have and the opportunities you have? Do you make the most of them? Or do you take them for granted or let them slip by? Do you always focus on the next big thing or what you don’t have? There’s so much we need to be more grateful for. Because someone out there is fighting for those things.

(Image: trans4mind.com)

Happy Hour: What we need


We don’t need anything physically to be happy. We don’t need money. We don’t need relationships. We don’t need good looks. We don’t need other people’s opinions, acceptance or approval. We don’t need to make other people happy in order to be happy. No – we already have what we need. And we all have what we need. Gratitude. Will. Humility. Strength. Love. But ultimately, to be happy, we have to be happy with ourselves. It takes practice. It will always take work. Happiness isn’t something we can capture and hold indefinitely. But happiness is always something that grows from within. And if we understand that, happiness is always ours.

(Image: authenticallyemmie.com)