Experience it all

The highs and the lows. The light and the darkness. The blessings and the lessons. The climbing and the falling. The setbacks and the comebacks. The open plains and the dead ends. Experience it all. You’ll be stronger because of it. You’ll be happier because of it. You’ll be alive because of it.

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Worry won’t save us


If we tallied it all up, we’d most likely find that we spend a lot of time worrying – about things in our control, things out of our control, and even things we can’t yet place in either of those categories. For the things in our control, we should take comfort in the fact that we are in charge and that we are capable enough to handle them. For the things out of our control, we should accept our limitations and learn to adapt. For all the angst we build up about the future and the unknown, let it go. If what we worry about materialises, take action. Take each day as it comes and revel in the blessings, possibilities and opportunities that each day holds. Don’t waste those treasures on what might not even be. Worry won’t save us, only rob us.

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Thought of the Day: Change


Some of us cower from change, some of us crave it and some of us accept it. Perhaps our reaction to change depends on whether it is the external or internal that is changing. But, in reality, they’re pretty dependent on one another. When something significant shifts in our life, we too must change with it. We cannot expect our life to change without changing as well. Similarly, we cannot change without time moving on. Don’t resist it. Have faith in change and all it offers. Whether change brings hardships or blessings, we will be alright in the end – better than alright if we learn to adapt too.

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Thought of the Day: The Unknown


We cannot always choose the cards we are dealt, the struggles we are thrown, or the tidings we are blessed with. The unknown is terrifying, so much so that we sometimes hide from it. But the unknown is also beautiful. To not know which views we’ll see, which places we’ll land, which people we’ll meet is what makes our life magical. To not know makes lessons powerful, risks thrilling, and success satisfying. Step outside and welcome it.

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