Take one day at a time

Dorothy Day quote

Take one day at a time. It might be easy to let days blur into weeks, whether we’re busy or bored, up or down. But so much can happen in a day; we shouldn’t let them slip away. We can try something for the first time. We can make someone’s day brighter. We can decide not to give a damn about what people think. We can catch our breath. We can take a spontaneous opportunity. We can spend time on a project we really care about. Life will become so much clearer. And even if it’s just for one day, that day gives hope for every other day afterwards. We must lay one brick at a time, take one step at a time.

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Midnight Motivation: Change It Up

Progress change quote

One of the deepest roots to our lack of motivation is boredom. We are drawn to the new and exciting, we revel in adventure and freedom, and we are accustomed to a lot going on at once. We quickly become lazy and disinterested, because the appeal of what we need to do quickly dissolves with each repetition and because its appeal is quickly replaced with the attraction of something more fun and spectacular.

Even though routines are essential to maintaining our goals and motivation, we can still change them up to escape the habit of boredom, and with that, change our perspective, without having to change our direction or established routine. And there are so many options. Instead of sitting at your usual desk, relocate to a library, a quiet coffee shop, or a different part of the house. Instead of trudging along by yourself, work with others or join an online community of people with like-minded goals. Try out a different way of achieving the same goal, such as a new type of exercise rather than the same old run, or asking your boss if you can help on a particular project that interests you. Add a splash of freshness and brightness into a stale practice to recharge your motivation. With this, we will not only invite a re-invigorated mindset, but also creativity, inspiration and learning. So go ahead and dabble, test and change.

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