It’s ok to admit you’re not ok

It’s common for us to pretend we live in a perfect, happy life and we have the strength to fight all its battles alone. Sometimes we are happy. Sometimes we are strong. But it’s also OK to admit that we aren’t always happy and we aren’t always strong. Don’t harbour your sadness or anxiety inside. Don’t ignore it. To be free of it, we have to find our own way to release it. And that only begins by acknowledging it and by expressing it in one way or another. Be honest with yourself. Share your feelings with someone who you feel comfortable with and who you can trust. Express those emotions. It can only make you happier and stronger in the end.

Talk It Out

Bottling up feelings

Sometimes we have this strange idea that if we don’t acknowledge a problem out loud then it ceases to be a problem. But with ignoring the problem comes ignoring the solution, and the problem will always stay a problem. Do not bottle up those feelings because they’re hard to admit or deal with or because they are negative or distressing. Talk about it, let it out. It’s so simple yet so effective. Talking allows us to process our thoughts, to gain perspective, and to release toxic energy. It might be the only solution we need or it will be the best starting point. We do not need to battle everything alone.

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