Three Times We Should Look Back

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It’s true that we won’t ever be able to move onto the next chapter if we keep re-reading the last one. But we cannot cut the past out of our life, and we shouldn’t have to. Coming to terms with our past can take time. But here are a few times when looking back isn’t all that bad:

  1. Reflecting on lessons learnt – All the tough times we’ve endured and all the mistakes we’ve made teach us something, and through that, we’ve become more knowledgeable and strong. The lessons of the past are invaluable to how we lead the present and the future. Hold them close.
  2. Reflecting on turning points – Our life could be plotted as a string of milestones and turning points. Sometimes we need to look back to see how far we’ve come as impetus to keep going. Sometimes we need to look back to see how something we cried over was actually a blessing. Sometimes we need to look back at how much we’ve achieved. Be proud.
  3. Reflecting on good memories – Although we’re programmed to remember those moments of pain, embarrassment and fear, there are some many more beautiful and joyous moments that we should cherish. Don’t forget them or the people who you created those memories with. Smile because it happened.

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Celebrate All Your Victories


Today marks a full year of blogging every day on The Midnight Station! Thank you to all of you who have read, liked and commented on my posts, I really appreciate it. Often, we set ourselves ambitious and laborious goals and sometimes the end isn’t quite foreseeable. In the mean time, we shouldn’t only focus on the end, because we’ll otherwise be constantly looking at what we lack, miss everything in between, and never feel satisfied. To keep motivated, inspired and positive about our journeys, we need to celebrate all our victories, including all the small ones on the way. And celebration can be as simple as consciously praising ourselves. Whether we passed on a chocolate bar, delivered a successful presentation at work, spent an hour at the gym instead of on the internet, saved a month’s earnings instead of spending it straight away, they are all victories. They are the steps that will lead us to further victories. Celebrate them.