Page 4: Rules of Commitment


Remember those resolutions you made in the New Year? Your last birthday? Beginning of the month? Last Monday?

It can be really difficult to stay committed, stay motivated and stay on track to achieving your goals and building the life you envision for yourself.

Do you ever ask yourself why you failed? I recently did and noticed that I had unrealistic ideas about goals, habits and commitment.

So I’ve made some new rules of commitment to help me go further on my journey towards success, and I wanted to share them with you in hopes they might help you too.

Commitment one: Do your best

This rule erases so many common pitfalls, namely striving for perfection and comparing ourselves to others. When we do not (and cannot) meet expectations we have for ourselves, we quickly lose enthusiasm and give up. Instead of perfection and unrealistic expectations, we should strive to do our best. And that might be different each day. As long as you’re doing something towards your goal, it doesn’t matter whether it’s as good as what you did yesterday or as good as someone else might do. Just do your best and keep at it.

Commitment two: Get back up when you fail

When it comes to my goals and habits, I can often have an ‘all or nothing’ attitude. For example, at the moment, I am trying to cut out all sweet treats, because that’s how it works best for me. But inevitably, I sometimes cave. In normal circumstances, I would have just given up if I failed. But instead, I’m just trying to start over whenever I fail, so I can keep going towards achieving my goals. Don’t beat yourself up when you fail. Don’t give up when you fail. Every day is a brand new day to be better and do your best.

Commitment three: Have big dreams, realistic journeys

Everyone should have big dreams. But it won’t happen overnight, and if you always have your eyes to the sky, you’re bound to trip up on the ground. The best way to make progress towards your dreams is to break them down into small, realistic steps you can take and accomplish. That way, you’re also motivating yourself by achieving quicker wins that are helping you get to that bigger dream.

Commitment four: Stick to the decision

I have a bad habit of scheduling in the time to do something, making the decision, and then bailing when it comes to actually doing it. So when I made decisions, my brain was already expecting me to not follow through. Now, I’m trying to make a conscious effort to stick to my decisions, to retrain my brain and actually achieve the things I set out to do. I encourage you to do the same.

Do you have any rules of commitment? Tips on how to stay motivated? Share them in the comments!

We’re all terrified


We are all terrified. Of something. Of everything. We’re terrified of letting people down. We’re terrified of failing. We’re terrified of commitments. We’re terrified of believing in ourselves. We’re terrified of saying how we actually feel. We’re terrified of the world and terrified of ourselves. And so much more in between. It stops us. It chains us. It breaks us. But does it have to? We might not always be able to conquer our fears, but don’t let them conquer you. Act in spite of them. And one day, we won’t be so afraid anymore.


Midnight Motivation: Consistency

Consistency quote

We cannot ever expect to achieve and succeed if we don’t try. But the key to trying and succeeding is also consistency. If we only try once, we might not get very far. But if we keep trying consistently, we will only get better, we will only exceed expectations, and we will only gain. Studies show that it takes around three to four weeks to form a new habit. All it takes is a commitment to establish a new lifestyle in a particular area of our lives. Schedule in time for your aspirations, assign a particular part of the day to that aspiration, and religiously abide by your routine. Train yourself to not only expect that time of day, but crave it, and that will only come with consistency. Even just a slice of time a day can dramatically impact us and our road to success in what we want to achieve. Be brave, be dedicated. We owe it to ourselves.

We become what we want to be by consistently being what we want to become each day. – Richard G. Scott


Thought of the Day: Commitment

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Committing to something takes words and action. To say that we will commit to something is easy. In fact, when we think about the new lifestyle we want to pursue or the new habit we want to instil, we feel inspired, exhilarated, and enthusiastic; it’s all still in the future. When it comes to actually taking action, we always find a way to deflate that inspiration, exhilaration and enthusiasm: we can’t see the results quick enough, we need the right time for things to be perfect, we expect too much of ourselves from the beginning. Those words that we swore to commit to are achievable. But we need to start looking at things for what they are at this moment and begin by taking action day to day. We are not all the same, we all learn and progress at different rates. We all have setbacks, we all have those days when we want to give up, and we all have times when we need to re-evaluate. Ultimately, what separates us from others is keeping that commitment. Grasp onto that initial inspiration and enthusiasm. That commitment is for you. Strive to be better than yesterday. Push yourself. Take a step back if you have to. Reflect and learn from your mistakes. Re-examine, amend, change the destination. Commitment is a journey, so don’t expect it to be rid of its bends and hills. Just go out there and give it what you have.