Thought of the Day: Being Better Than


Life isn’t about being better, happier, or more successful than the next person, or thinking that we’re not good enough when we aren’t. Life isn’t about comparing others against our own standards or about comparing ourselves to others’ standards. There is no universal way of measuring happiness or success. Life isn’t about justifying our behaviour in favour of another’s. All we can do is be happy and successful on our own terms. All we can do is be better than the person we were yesterday, in the past, before. All we can do is control our own actions, responses and energy, and be aware of its impact on ourselves and others. Life should be about being the best we can be at this moment. Don’t waste it chasing ideals not of your own making.



Thought of the Day: The Lives of Others

Steven Furtick quote

It seems normal for us to compare ourselves in relation to other people: how they look, how they live and how they act. Although we often hear or read hateful, jealous comments about other people, many of us also greatly admire others, aspire to be like somebody or wish we could have the life that someone else has. Nowadays, the beloved are frequently those we do not know personally, but whose lives are splashed on the internet and television, shaped by both the media and social networking sites. We are only given a snippet of people’s lives and the truth can easily be misguided and concealed. Not everybody’s life is as easy, glamourous or perfect as we may think or they are perceived to be. Nobody’s life is necessarily better than ours, just because they have more money or more popularity. We should be mindful of the labels we place on others and ourselves, no matter what the intention. It’s good to have ambition, desire and inspiration, but the danger with comparing ourselves to others is that we begin to use it to belittle our own life instead of aspiration. Everybody has their hardships. Nobody is perfect. The less we expect perfection of ourselves and others and the more we appreciate both ourselves and others, the better off we all will be.

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