We are all creators of reality

I'm here to build my own world

Nothing’s too crazy. Nothing’s too unrealistic. Nothing’s too absurd. Not if you don’t think so. Those limits, those boundaries, those obstacles, those fears, those excuses, those expectations. They’re all in your head. If we never try the impossible, we never have a chance to show it’s possibility. We are all human. We are all dreamers. And we are all creators. Believe in your own ideas and your own imagination. Reality will always be created by those who seize the opportunity to build and add to it. Create your own world. You can do it as good as the next person.

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Here’s to the crazy ones

The Crazy Ones

Sometimes we’ve got to be crazy. Sometimes we’ve got to push the accelerator and sometimes we’ve got to put our foot down. Sometimes we’ve got to walk blindly and sometimes we’ve got to run wildly. Sometimes we’ve got to break the ceiling and sometimes we’ve got to plunge into muddy waters. We’ve got to be crazy enough to believe in ourselves. And we can’t let anything stop us. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

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