Thought of the Day: More

More quote

Many of us believe that ‘more’ equals ‘better’. To have more money is to be happier. To work more hours is to be more successful. To be more confident or beautiful is to be liked more by others. Sometimes, more is better, through striving to grow and improve ourselves and our lives. But less can be more too. What we have now and who we are now is also enough, if not better. We don’t always need more to be more. If we get caught up in always wanting more, we might miss everything we already have. Sometimes we need less to have more. It’s a conundrum worth thinking about.


Start Happening

Alan Kay quote

We tend to let life happen to us. We tend to wait around for our desires to come along. We tend to fret about what life will throw at us. And then when life does come around, we tend to never be quite ready for it. And that’s ok. But our life is ours. Our life shouldn’t happen. We should happen. We can paint our life in any colour we choose. We can invent our life, simply through perseverance and passion. We can create the life we want and the life we love. It’s up to each of us to take that fortune. Start happening and your life will start too.


An Idea

Norman Vincent Peale quote

Everything begins with an idea, unbounded by reality and materiality. It may come to us on the train to work, in the middle of a conversation, in a gust of frustration, or right before we fall asleep. Combined with a pulsing heart and an urgent itch, ideas quickly become concrete in print and form when nurtured and encouraged. They transform into a necessity, a catalyst, a phenomenon, a game changer. And it all began with an idea. Why not yours?

What the mind can conceive and believe, and the heart desire, you can achieve – Norman Vincent Peale

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Thought of the Day: Our Will is Our Way

Where there is a will

Sometimes our way seems pointless, clouded, contrived. But there is always time to figure out where we want to go, to point our feet in a different direction, to tread a little slower. Whatever we’re doing, we should be guided by our desire, not by pressure. And if our desire is strong enough, it will drive us to find a way, no matter how narrow, deserted or mountainous. We have to want that something enough to trek, climb and conquer. Don’t be afraid to embark on the journey. Whatever happens, you’re trying, you’re learning, and, most importantly, you’re living.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

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