Things will soon get brighter

hey there little fighter

We all have times when it feels like life is stacked up against us. Sometimes everything goes wrong at once. Other times things go wrong one after another and we can never catch a break. Either way, it feels like we’re drowning in sorrow, uncertainty, anxiety, and exhaustion. It feels like the bricks are piling up and it’s getting harder to find our way round. But the harder, darker times will pass – because we will pass through them. We don’t need to wait for those times to pass, because that would mean mean letting life pass us by too. We have to remain optimistic of the brighter future. We have to remain resilient and agile to search for that future. Don’t give up. One day, we’ll climb to the top of the brick tower we didn’t realise we were building and look out at how far we’ve come and how far we can still go.


A Note for a Rough Time

Don't give up

Sometimes we feel like there’s no way out. Sometimes we feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes we cannot see the stars. Sometimes we don’t want to get out of bed. Sometimes we don’t feel good enough. Sometimes we feel alone. Sometimes we feel like there’s nothing to hold onto. And all these feelings are valid. But that doesn’t mean we’re right. Sometimes we’ve got to be patient, even when it’s excruciating. Sometimes we’ve got to keep on going, even if we don’t know where. And most of all, we’ve got to love ourselves, even if we don’t think we’re worthy of it. Life will get better. Life will get easier. You deserve life and love and light. Don’t give up on it.


Life will get better

storms quote

Sometimes it feels as if life will never get any better or any easier. Sometimes it feels as if the world is against us and nothing will go to plan. Sometimes it feels as if we’re falling further and further, and there’s no ladder at the bottom.

But the moment we thought was the greatest misfortune might actually be the biggest blessing. That forceful pull backwards might actually be the strongest catalyst to propelling forwards. That drop into the unknown might actually be the place we learn the most.

Do not give up hope. Do not give up on yourself or your life. Keep trying. Keep fighting. You’ll be okay. Nothing lasts forever. Your life will be amazing, no matter what happens, as long as you choose to embrace it.

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Midnight Motivation: Keep Holding On

Miracles Giving Up

It’s so discouraging to hit a low point in any aspect of our lives, whether in relationships, in a project, in our work, in our goals, especially when we know we’ve been putting in the effort and time. It’s like we’re running uphill but going nowhere or desperately trying to find land but stuck in the middle of the sea. But let’s not give up. Even if we have to walk, crawl, float, take a breath, we mustn’t give up, because we are getting closer and closer. With each step, we’re covering more ground, we’re getting better, and we’re figuring out what will and won’t work. With each step, we’re moving forward, even if we feel like we’re going backwards or around in circles. Don’t stop now; what you’re looking for might just be round the corner.

The moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before a miracle happens.

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