Spotlight Sunday: EssieButtonVlogs

Essie and Aslan

It’s time to talk about another one of my favourite YouTube channels! Whenever I’m scrolling through my newsfeed and I come across an EssieButtonVlogs video, there’s no way that I can save the best for last because I can’t help but click on it. Although Essie and Aslan are more weekly than daily vloggers, I think this plays to their advantage; instead of having that strain and stress of vlogging everyday, Essie and Aslan, a couple living in London, put effort into their vlogs to make them engaging and appealing to their viewers, rather than stringing random clips together. I can tell through their vlogs that they really love to vlog, instead of doing it out of necessity, which makes the experience of watching them so much more enjoyable. They are not afraid to be silly, quirky and real, and they don’t cut out those awkward or funny moments. Not only that, the glimpses of culture, architecture, art, food, and greyhounds that infiltrate their videos really illuminate their enthusiasm for life and its small pleasures; there’s nothing better than watching passionate people, because they inspire their viewers to be passionate about life too! So check them out!


Essie Button (Beauty channel):