Three Reasons Why ‘Now’ Is Awesome

Eckhart Tolle present moment quote

The now is something we are told we should pay attention to, but since it’s so blindingly obvious, we just ignore it. But the present works in our favour. The present is a blessing. So here are three reasons why the present is awesome and why we need to re-route our attention:

  1. Taking one step at a time – The future can be daunting. Goals can be intimidating. Processes take time, and that can be terrifying. So let’s just focus on this moment now. Let’s focus on this step, this stage, this hurdle, this challenge, and worry about the others later. Life’s so much more digestible, satisfying and relaxing this way.
  2. Looking at where we are instead of where we’re going – It’s easy to get caught up in planning and projecting and doubting and working. It’s so exhausting that we leave no time to enjoy or appreciate what is right in front of us. Overtime, we develop a twisted mindset where nothing is sufficient and we become dependent on the hypothetical. Let’s take a look around us. We might be pleasantly surprised by what we find.
  3. Only now is guaranteed – We hear it all the time, but does it really sink in? We don’t know what tomorrow holds. There might be unexpected situations or undesirable circumstances. We shouldn’t take our life for granted. Let’s not leave words unsaid or work unfinished or problems unsolved. Let’s not leave our dreams for tomorrow or put off our passions for another day. What is it that we’re waiting for? Because our chance may never come again. This moment is the only moment for living.


Thought of the Day: Pick Your Battles

Winston Churchill quote

Even though our intended destinations are a part of the vision we have for ourselves, we try to remain grounded, by taking each step of our journey at a time, as the best route to success. But we need to make sure that each step we take in whichever direction we choose is anchored to the bigger picture, because that is what all our hard work will come too. Along our journey we will encounter obstacles, sometimes words, ideas, and beliefs, and other times structures, rules, and restrictions. We need to be careful that we don’t lose sight of that destination and exhaust ourselves by getting caught up in moments that don’t amount to anything and do no favours for us. Do not listen to people’s unkind words or doubt, don’t be weighed down by negativity and the past, and don’t be held back by trying to please everyone or placing your vision second to someone else’s. Save your energy for the battles that matter. Focus on the road ahead of you and focus on your destination. If you want it enough, nothing is standing in your way.

“You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks” – Winston Churchill