Make your own happiness 

Sometimes we fall into the habit of thinking we have to find happiness, find success, find fortune. Sometimes we think they will land in our laps and sometimes we think they only come to the chosen few. But actually, we make happiness, make success, make fortune. It isn’t about luck and it isn’t about how much privilege we were born into, even if it seems like these would help. We have the most important tools already: determination and hustle, positivity and perspective, strength and faith, lessons from mistakes in the past, wisdom from observing life around us. We might need to nurture them and strengthen them. But they are there. They’re all there waiting for you to use them. Anyone can be happy, success, fortunate. Including you.


Take that leap

Fortune favours the brave

When we’re about to jump, a number of emotions are packed into a tiny moment. Some of us shut our eyes. Some of us take a deep breath. Some of us stop breathing all together. Some of us let out a scream. Yet, there isn’t another time we feel more alive. It might be scary to take a leap, but it will be worth it in the end. Let go of the fears, the past, the inhibitions, the stories, the expectations. Be bold. Be daring. Be fierce. Be brave. Because good fortune will follow.

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Thought of the Day: Your Heart

All I Need quote

How far would we go for success and fortune? What are we willing to gain and what are we willing give up? Sometimes the idea of success and fortune begins to consume us, and not always in a good way. We become narrow minded and blinded. We lose ourselves because we become careless with our heart. We easily become cruel and ruthless. We get on a train that’s hard to get off. And will the sacrifice be worth it in the end? We need to be careful what we trade in. The heart might make the success equation difficult and complicated, but it is what makes us human instead of a monster. Don’t cut the ties to your heart. The damage done could be the hardest to rectify in the end.

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