Against the odds

We do not know how much time we have to live. We do not know how much of that time will be rewarding and how much will be taxing. But don’t let that stop you. Don’t let that hold you back from what brings you happiness and fulfilment. Don’t give up. Keep dreaming, keep pursuing, keep living. Live against the odds.


Live by your own rules

Rules quote

Live by your own rules. On love. On beauty. On success. On fulfilment. On happiness. Life is different for each of us, so why would we play by someone else’s rules? Life is about defining, dreaming and creating, not categorising, parroting, or pretending. We all travel different walks of life and that’s what makes it so beautiful, colourful and special. Live by your own terms. What’s stopping you?


Midnight Musings: What Satisfies You and Where Do You Find Pleasure?

Dada-Vaswani quote

We all seek enjoyment out of life and we all find it in different ways.

Some of us find pleasure in the simpler parts of life that we have been blessed with: to love and to be loved, to be healthy and be able to get better, to have opportunities and to make opportunities. We may find satisfaction in the relationships we build over time and the ones we are favoured with from birth. We may find fulfilment from seeking a purpose in life and spreading that into our daily interactions and the way we live our life. Some of us find satisfaction in working, earning, striving, and being rewarded. We accomplish, we meet and exceed expectations, and we challenge ourselves. Some of us find satisfaction in objects: from pictures, from souvenirs, from things we buy and keep on show. Some of us find pleasure in the memories or in the thoughts and opinions of others. We may find joy in helping others find joy.

I don’t want to say that there is a right way to finding satisfaction in life, because there isn’t. But let’s try to be mindful about how much those ways actually satisfies us. Is it short term or long term? Does the satisfaction dissolve or solidify? Can you appreciate what you have or do you always need more? Which ways are going to stay with you? Which ways are sustainable? Which ones can you go back to over and over again? Those are the ones we should keep close.

Thought of the Day: Passion

Thurman quote

At every age, we try to find and keep happiness and fulfilment on our journey through life. Sometimes it’s hard to do, especially with the added pressure of people’s expectations of us, pressure to play it safe and avoid risk, and the pressure to value money and security over happiness and fulfilment. But we shouldn’t be led by what doesn’t make us happy or fulfilled. Maybe earning money and providing for yourself or your family is what makes you happy and fulfilled, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But we should be ultimately be led by passion, because that is what is going to make us most satisfied with life.

I think people understand the significance of passion, but don’t always do enough to bring it into their lives. Passion means we want to get something out of life and not just let it pass us by. Passion means following our heart and instinct, whether it be building on someone’s footsteps or creating our own path. Passion means acting and not just thinking. Passion means enthusiasm, innovation, labour, love, impossibilities becoming possibilities.And passion is what we need to bring to life itself. When we are passionate, we inspire others to be passionate about life. Passion is what the world needs.